Former New York Undercover star Malik Yoba is co-starring in the upcoming Lifetime Channel film, Betty and Coretta. Not short on confidence, Yoba seems unimpressed with the legendary career of two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington.

Washington who played civil rights champions Malcolm X and Steven Biko in earlier films did not serve as a role model for Yoba. Portraying the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King in Betty and Coretta, Yoba was asked to access his chances in the role.

No matter how many movies Denzel Washington does, he’s still Denzel in every movie – except for the times he played Malcolm X and Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter,” he commented. “Those were the roles where he got a chance to stretch a little more. I want to be more like Forest Whitaker in Last King of Scotland. I want to stretch a little more, that’s what I want to do. So playing Martin, I had no fear. It was like here’s a real opportunity to do something. I’m still thrilled about it and I can’t wait to see the finished film.

In addition to Washington’s five Oscar nomination, 14 Black Reel Awards nominations (four wins) and countless other accolades, does Yoba have a valid point or is he green with Denzel envy?


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