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Posted: March 13, 2013 in Reel Images
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betta 9

AFFRM’s latest release is an intriguing action crime drama that juxtaposes the beauty of the Caribbean with bloody gang violence in writer-director Storm Saulter’s sizzling debut, Better Mus’ Come.

This Kingston City of God, follows warring political factions in 1970’s Jamaica as they enlist the support of gangs to enforce their policies, and advance their political agenda. It is a fictionalized dramatization of real historical events, specifically, the Green Bay Massacre, where the government finally tracked down these gangs and had systematically wiped out.

The film stars Sheldon Shepherd, Sky Nicole Grey (Restless City), Duane Pusey, Everaldo Cleary and Roger Guenveur Smith.

AFFRM will host sneaks previews today in Chicago, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Seattle and Trinidad; it opens in New York and Los Angeles on March 15.

Check out some images from the film, below:


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