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Posted: March 16, 2013 in Chadwick Boseman, Watch List
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First-time director, Mischa Webley’s debut indie film, The Kill Hole, the war drama from a Black perspective opens this weekend in limited release at the home of the Black Reel Awards, MIST Harlem.

The film centers on Lt. Samuel Drake, a troubled vet plagued by his actions while deployed in Iraq. Recently discharged, he is trying to piece his life back together while he works as a cab driver and lives in a rundown motel room. He also attends counseling sessions led by Marshall to help cope with the horrors of his past. While on this path to a fresh start, Drake’s fragile new life is shattered when two executives, who represent a private military contractor, present a new mission, one with no option to refuse; track down and kill Sgt. Devin Carter, an AWOL Marine Corps sniper who knows the truth about Drake’s past and who himself is on a mission to target and kill members of the mercenary firm.

A gripping, lyrical meditation on war and the scars it leaves on those who fight. The Kill Hole is a story of one man who is forced to face his violent past. The film stars the upcoming lead of 42, Chadwick Boseman, Tory Kittles, Billy Zane, Peter Greene, Dennis Adkins and Ted Rooney.

For information on how to get tickets for The Kill Hole, visit the MIST Harlem site, here:

Check out the trailer for the film, below:

  1. Wonder1 says:

    Watched this weekend, and it was pretty intense. Beautiful Northwest scenery was the backdrop for a for the off the grid action. I can see why Boseman will star in “42” – he’s great.

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