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Here is the teaser trailer for the upcoming Vin Diesel sci-fi film, Riddick. (more…)

Temp 1

Writer/Producer/Director/Mogul Tyler Perry’s story of forbidden love and infidelity, Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, will be in theaters soon. Perry’s 15th film shows the director continuing to evolve while giving his core audience business as usual. (more…)


A young child soldier narrates her tumultuous story to her unborn child in the unconventional love story set in the midst of civil unrest in War Witch (French: Rebelle). (more…)


First-time director, Mischa Webley’s debut indie film, The Kill Hole, the war drama from a Black perspective opens this weekend in limited release at the home of the Black Reel Awards, MIST Harlem. (more…)


Halle Berry and Morris Chestnut form one of the most attractive couples in any film this year as the two star in the upcoming drama, The Call.

Free Angela

One of the most anticipated documentaries of the year, Free Angela and All Political Prisoners asks the audience the question: Who is Angela Davis? (more…)


Check out Black Reel Award winner Terrence Howard who is solid in “Dead Man Down” opening in theaters this Friday!!! (more…)


After the attention that Middle of Nowhere received during the awards season, distribution company AFFRM is on a roll. The next effort from them will be the Caribbean period film, Better Mus’ Come. (more…)

After Earth

Sony Pictures has released a new photos from Will Smith’s sci-fi adventure, After Earth. (more…)


The story of four young girls who realize their dreams to sing amidst the politics of Australia’s Aboriginal community and the Civil Rights Movement, The Sapphires is generating quite a buzz. (more…)